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Hi, I'm Jackie and I'm going on a gap year to Chile with Project Trust :) Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'll be teaching English for 12 months, whoo! I don't know all the details of my project yet, I find those out at the beginning of May, and I can't wait to find out, go etc! I have to raise £3950, and I've got about £700 left to raise, by August, so I'm almost there :)
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Wow! Congratulations! Chile, that sounds so cool! I have a little question, that may seem totally stupid. I'm thinking of taking a gap year, but how can I teach English to, say Chinese students if I don't speak Chinese? I don't know what to do!
I don't think it matters. Project Trust send vols to China, and they can't speak Chinese before they go, plus there are so many forms on Chinese, it'ts difficult to know which one to learn. Chinese classes are huge for starters, and you could probably get higher level classes, and just teach them conversational english, as this is something they don;t really learn in class. I have training in July where I get teaching training and i have heard that one of the staff gave a lesson in Urduh to show that you don't need to know the language to teach people :) Hope that helps!